Our history

The Vespa Club

The Vespa Club San Quirico d’Orcia was born from the great passion of its founders for the legendary “2wheels insect”. Its origins date back to 2012; not yet federated, the members of the club organized the “1st VESPA GIRO DELLA VAL D’ORCIA”, finding a good success. This stimulated the growth of the event, leading to the creation of two more “VESPA GIRO” in the years 2013 and 2014 with a large participation of the Vespa players in the surrounding and not areas…
The great growth we have witnessed in recent years has made us understand that we could give much more to the town in which we live and to the motorcycle tha we love. On these values we decided to found the Vespa Club San Quirico d’Orcia.
The club was founded with the aim of sharing this love with all the owners of the legendary “2wheels”, revive old memories to those who once rode it and approach those who have never owned it.


We thank all those who have supported and “endured” over the years, who will accompany us on this journey and who will support us with his participation.
A special thanks goes to Maria Eva Borborini who, with her talent, has best interpreted our landscapes, masterfully painting them on the logo of the Vespa Club!

Furthermore we also thank:

Vespisti of the Val d'Orcia