How to associate

Vespa Club membership

How to get a membership:
To get a membership, have the free gadgets and take advantage of the conventions offered to the club members, you need to follow one of the following steps:

  1. Directly to the club headquarters by making an appointment using the Telegram group;
  2. By filling out the registration form and sending it together with the payment receipt by email or by using the Telegram group;
  3. By coming to our headquarters in Via della Piazzola 14 every first Wednesday of the month.

Membership include:

  • Vespa Club d’Italia card;
  • Brooch with Vespa Club d’Italia logo;
  • Vespa Club d’Italia flag;
  • Vespa Club d’Italia stickers;
  • Subscription for one year to the magazine Vespa Club d’Italia (5 issues);
  • Insurance, hotel, commercial, etc. conventions.

Note: the Vespa Club San Quirico d’Orcia card is strictly personal and can not be transferred to third parties. The aforementioned card is valid for one year from 01/01 to 31/12.

Our gadgets

Tourist booklet

The tourist booklet is a document delivered to all Members who expressly request it.
Members of the Vespa Club San Quirico d’Orcia must be in compliance with the club membership for the current year.
Taking part in the various meetings will be mandatory from the Member to affix the Social Belt on the shield of his Vespa.
All the participations in the Meetings in the “Touristic calendar of the Vespa Club d’Italia” will be considered valid.
Each Meeting is assigned a score equal to the mileage traveled from the residence of the Member present in the card to the place where it will take place.
The interested parties must produce proof of the participation, by affixing the visa to the tourist booklet in their possession.
At the end of the year the Member, who will get the highest score, will be named winner.

Vespisti of the Val d'Orcia